New to Online Check-in at JJ’s?
Check out the commonly asked questions below.

Absolutely! There is a tablet at the front desk where you may check-in. Stop in anytime and sign in!
No. For appointments, please call us directly. We’ve searched high and low, but currently there is no appointment software that will work with how we structure our appointments.
Because some people request to wait for a specific barber you may be serviced before you are first in line on the wait list.
If you are not present at the shop when your name is called, you will be removed from the wait list.
After your first check-in, your phone number allows you to check-in at the shop without having to type your full name. Also, on occasion, after you visit we may send a text asking for feedback about your experience.

Don’t worry, we won’t be selling your number to someone overseas who wants to bug you while you’re trying to eat dinner.