JJ’s barbershop has been serving men and their families in the Detroit Metro area for going on 50 years and represents a barbershop system unlike any other. We are a team of highly trained and organized professionals that aim to make a difference in our community. Our vision is to see every client and our local community positively impacted while providing quality, cutting edge hair and facial services.


JJ was a good looking, wild kid from a poorer part of Highland Park, MI. He dropped out of high school after his 10th grade year, and it wasn’t until he met and married Judith that he got serious about his career in hair. In 1958, at the age of 18, James Johnston (JJ) went to La Mar Barber College in Highland Park, Michigan.

JJ moved to the top of his class, winning competitions and the respect of distinguished people in the industry. JJ’s trendy styling got the attention of TV interviews and earned him several anchor men as clients.

TURNING POINT: The wild side of JJ almost ruined his future when a life full of drinking and women drove his wife of 5 years to file for divorce. This was a wake up call to JJ that his life was going in the wrong direction. At the age of 29, JJ’s broken life changed radically for the good. Transformation began with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Through this, his marriage was restored and the addiction to alcohol and his destructive lifestyle ended. JJ’s life from that point on had ups and downs, but his faith gave him strength to face life threatening health issues, loss of his house and challenges with his children.

FUTURE: Today, JJ’s legacy still lives on through our values and commitment to each client. Whether you are young or old, local or from the other side of the world, we care about you and your family, not just your hair.